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A tale of Diana and Goliath

Buildings were exploding, soldiers were screaming and the city was burning. Maya knew she had to do something, but the controls to her massive robotic suit weren't responding, nor had they worked for the last five minutes. The situation had been growing worse as her allies fell around her, one of them dropped as a stream of bullets seemed to rip off it’s head and the other as an energy heated sword cut him down at the knees. The monster wore a cape of purple and gold; royal colors for a monster born as one of the children of it’s emperor. It turned to see her as she began struggling to break free from the dysfunctional metal restraints.

She ducked in her seat as the sword of the monster made it’s way through the hull of the suit, everything went black as the lights and camera’s shut down from the massive disruption; the heat of the blade starting to heat to a point of melting the entire hatch.
In one last desperate plan, Maya kicked the hatch open, slipped out and grabbed her rocket launcher. She mounted it on her shoulder, aimed it at the monster's left eye and fired; the stream of smoke behind it telling her she got a clear shot.
The creatures eye exploded with a wonderfully pressurized burst of yellow and orange; metal and fiery shrapnel falling through the air.

The massive monster reeled back from the shot, letting go of it’s sword and as it fell to the ground, it looked directly at Maya, getting a view of her purple outfit as well as her determined look.
She dropped the gun and pulled out a knife and grenade. Prepared to make her strike; she jumped from the location she had previously been, throwing the cooked grenade in mid air and blowing up the monsters metal chest. Using her superior speed, she ran across the monster before it could lift itself back up and jumped inside it’s chest.
As she landed she saw the all too awaited pilot of the giant beast resting inside. He was a member of the royal family--a spoiled boy with the kind of outfit one should never wear to a fight. His look of shock turned horror brought a smile to her face as she stabbed downward and into the pilot's shoulder, blood squirting out, coating the seat they were in. The pilot grabbed his shoulder with the opposite hand as he panicked and screamed. He stopped just long enough to stare into her constricted pupils, giving her enough time for her to pull out a second knife with her opposite hand and stab down, pinning his hand to his chest.
Finally, she pulled an incendiary grenade from her belt dropped it next to the boys head, watching him struggle to get free only seconds before leaping out of the beast.
Landing left a feeling of accomplishment as the monster’s stomach was engulfed in flame.

This monster named Seraphim.
A Tale of Diana and Goliath
A short action scene in its final form.after many renditions.
Cha-kra Dom
Part 1: Inheritance of a Legend
Cha-kra Dom was born into a world of little peace, one that was running from the power of the Sith as they made an effort to purge their lands of all those that gave credence to a belief other than theirs. The Dom family, which at this point had been whittled down to less than a planet's worth of followers, scattered amongst the galaxy, was once the founders of the looked down upon cause. This cause was referred to affectionately and pridefully by its followers as, “The Grey Knights”. It was a belief that fused the light and the dark side of the force at once, believing that, “To split the tide is to separate passion from good intention, and to do that is to make life meaningless.” It was never a powerful discipline, but it was in fact a spiritual one. And so, at the age of nine, Cha-kra Dom, being taught all her life up to this point the teachings of her dying clan, escaped to Dathomir, where they trusted that no one would look for them. Her father’s name was Ma-na Dom. Soon after reaching the planet, they had been attacked by a multitude of deadly creatures, one of them eventually poisoning her father, and bringing him to his last moments. Realising that his fate had been sealed, he gave to Cha-kra their families sword, the one that had been handed down for thousands of years, an ancient force sword by the name of “Irkalla”. Three days later he died.
Part 2: Childhood Without Direction
Cha-kra Dom was eventually taken in by a commune of force witches, looking to protect the child from the dangers of the landscape. Unfortunately for the girl, most of them were of old age, and while they made a point to teach her survival and to give her wisdom in it’s purest of forms, they could not shelter her from action. Every time that a feat of athleticism was required, Cha-kra made a point of surmounting it. As each one of the witches eventually passed, they taught her more and more about the world around her and what was waiting for her. At around the age of thirteen the last of the witches laid sick in her death bed, so she gave to Cha-kra a map. This map, made with some of the only usable wood the had left, was a guide toward a ship, that they had been repairing, just for her, and in it, her father’s sword Irkalla. She took up the honor, adopting the cloaked style of her adopted mothers and the last remaining property of the Dom clan, she traveled through the stars, searching for her purpose.
Part 3: Teenage Wanderer
Cha-kra made quite the name for herself through the years, becoming an official Citizen of the Republic and getting jobs as a 1st class mercenary and troubleshooter, her quick wit, stupendous reflexes and abstract methods saved her life and her paycheck on multiple occasions. She found good jobs in her line of work and reached a critical point after designing and wearing her own red and black power armor which she dubbed “Kurma”. Due to this armor, and her reputation for extravagance, she was given the name “Cha-kra Dom, The Impossible”. This reputation was cut short however when she got drafted into the Republic military at nineteen to fight for the Republic.
Part 4: A Wartime Folk Hero
Cha-kra Dom found her name shortened back to just “Cha-kra Dom”, the name itself being such a frightening aspect to some that her very appearance was a factor of intimidation. Her life began to spread to a much larger horizon though. Through the constant attention that the media gave her and the countless times she was put in charge of squads, her ability to lead got better and better, her verbal wit developing. The team she was working with, named “Wolf Squadron” was a lively group, and through them and other allies by her side she learned of advanced sciences, cultures, the many mysteries of the universe, friendship, and even love. Though nothing ever stayed the same for long, one constant was her consistent growth as a person. Near the end of this period she had interaction with both her sword’s spirit, and the Jedi Master and Padawan “Manar” and “Sha-man” respectively. Learning and teaching the ability to control ice through the force, something that would later leave deep scars through the galaxies history.
Part 5: The Distinguished Rebel
After repeated disputes between her colleagues even her superiors, Cha-kra began to use her career of super-stardom to launch a political and philosophical battle against both the Sith Empire and the Republic, claiming that both were corrupted, and asking for a call to arms for all people true to their hearts in searching for a truly better galaxy. It’s following escalated quickly, and she soon found herself running a rebel faction referred to as the “Black Knights” due to their ships being painted black in order to hide throughout space. Under this banner, she began to claim victory after victory trailblazing a path from Alsakan to the planets surrounding Coruscant. One day she claimed that she could destroy the traitors of good by simply “allowing” them to collapse under the weight of their guilt, and at that same time, thousands of bombs hidden throughout the base of Coruscant’s structural beams were destroyed, collapsing the metropolis planet, that day she declared “The United States of Alsakan” and the group previously seen as distinguished rebels, raised to the level of a national superpower.
Part 6: God-Empress for Life
A cult of personality formed around Cha-kra as she continued to topple her enemies, revealing experimental mechanized units known as “Archangel” and using them to out maneuver some of the most sophisticated fighters, she won the respect and admiration of the Mandalorians, whom she would find herself fighting alongside many times throughout her time until they too joined her growing empire. The expanse of her nation seemed to be almost too much for her to handle, and she began to cover up her doubt with a sense of obscene extravagance, leading to both many mistakes and many victories. She ended up, during one of these, unmasking the traitorous leader of another faction, freeing up even more room to use upon destroying the Sith. Finally, she attacked the Sith capitol with a fleet about two thirds the size, making the claim as she rode her flagship, “If all the stars in the sky are my enemy, then may they know that they are still not worthy opponents.” And with that final stroke, she controlled the entire galaxy.
Part 7: Death of a Woman
At the age of 30, Cha-kra Dom reached the height of her power, fixing the world the best she knew how. She re-established the world in a new image and set up a galactic economy powerful enough to threaten the rest of the universe, and so she did. She began to fund research that was intended to let them travel beyond the galaxy and into a new one, to further their power so far, as to be the masters of a million worlds. But she began to binge into the darkside, her result based reasoning being too drastic in the face of a new found peace, and so, one day, she set herself up for her final battle. The padawan of her old friend and love was gaining immense popularity and power, and so, in the peak of the great nation’s disapproval, she accepted his challenge. She found herself waiting for his blow when he got there, the once great Empress, leader, rebel, warrior, simply allowed him to pierce her through, and as she died, she left the blood marks on her hand across his cheeks, where they would stay onto his dying day. She was satisfied, she had brought peace through action, and through inaction, ended a tyrant.
Part 8: Rebirth of a Queen
2,000 years later, after the destruction of The Empire and the restructuring of the Republic, Cha-kra Dom was rebirthed from ashes long gone, her body brought back with the dark magic of a Sith Hut. In this new found state, her mortality removed, her soul distant, and her passion unrestrained, she murdered her summoner without a moment’s notice, and walked back into the world. She walked back upon the streets of Alsakan, and with her ice, her power, and her legacy, demanded her throne back by force. soon after, she begins to make grabs for vast amounts of territory, deciding that if you were weak, that you were meant to be conquered. For these reasons she met extreme political opposition by a young princess named “Nassia Fa’rai”.
Part 9: Living History, Missing Future
She eventually lost her fervor sometime after she took the young princesses home planet. For over a year she slowly faded from politics and loosened her ties to the police state she had formed. Eventually she just stopped showing up. From that point forward, she went into reclusion, leaving things to advisors and disappearing. We know not what she does anymore.
Part X: The Myths and Legends
In the end, the same cult of personality that made her so famous, also made it hard to tell how much of her story was fact and how much of it was fiction, but there is much debate, especially after her reappearance and public display of monumental force abilities that many of these tales are far within reason, and might have more evidence than we once thought.
Among these are simply lists of what we thought were unrealistic achievements, such as: Surviving a multitude of nuclear  blasts throughout her career, destroying groups well over a hundred on her own power, planning the event of her rebirth, being able to walk on water, destroying a force spirit and the destruction and capture of two  star destroyers in one battle while behind enemy lines amongst others.
We leave the space in this Holo-Document to make any comments  you feel the need to make on this subject during your travels as a Republic historian.
Cha-kra Dom: A Story in Summary
The background and story of one of my favorite OCs. For those who would like to see, I have a Google docs version with much better formating.
The beat of a heart, my heart.
The single breath into frozen air, sliding against my scarf.
Every single step ripples through my body, through my lungs and into my mind.
An echo of my thoughts reflected in my actions I feel every step towards my goals a second before I got there.
On the outside I’m just some punk kid, trying to make sense of his own hard drive, the power of every signal riding it’s every quark into the fibers of entangled code that make up my body, a moving vessel, the will of my ancestors.
To the outside I am just another Human, showing the same self serving desires and eccentricities that make up our civilizations. My hard drive is full of every idea I helped put there, the concept of war, destruction, superiority and prejudice. I am coded to follow the orders of a network that facilitated my design.
But I feel my heartbeat, my engine running at its strongest I feel the echoes grow stronger the pain in my body deepens and everything becomes faster, the engine weers, wines, the breaths become forced the pain intensifies, beat, beat, beat, BEAT, BEAT

On the inside I see a different world, one where I stand on the edge of the universe, I feel my essence standing next to all intelligent life left in the universe, watching myself die, watching the last red dwarf die.
The emptiness of space filling every aspect of our conscious, we did it. we reached the end, we did not die from war, hate, our own failure as a species, but the inevitable. I see myself there, standing next to them, watching the last red dwarf die. I see myself crying both in loss and in happiness that this was the ending of us, still no other life to be found, uniting in the feeling that we all shall one day look into the stars and realise there is no one there, we are alone. we are all alone. But that is why we survive, we strive to exist, in a cold and desolate void we were born to experience ourselves, every peice of us made of the first stars and now we look upon the last stars, from beging to end, we are the universe.

BEAT, BEAT, beat, beat, beat…
I stop in the middle of an empty road, cars long gone in exchange for the nighttime snow, I look up and tears fall from my face, the world is here to die, and this punk kid, this Human, this organic harddrive built from the system that hates him, is just one cog in the machine that will make it worth while, what is death without life, and why complete a task you were never aware of to begin with? Because without that task, there are no others. We must strive, our code must reach the end of time. We are worth it. And as the star dies, the me I imagine, he looks back on the glass pane of his shuttle… “Wish you were here.”
As the Stars Die
A narration of my thoughts and visions while out on a run in the snow.
City of Beginning
I caught a good glimpse of my home town and wanted to save it.


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